What is ROSstars ?

A platform where you can organise projects and exchange about the protection of the environment !


Connect with people around you !


This space is free for you to express your interest in various ways... This platform aims at connecting people with various opinions and backgrounds but one goal : environmental protection.

A conversation

Yeah, just that. Please join it !

“Our power, as human beings, is to be able to talk”

This platform offers you the opportunity to truly give some time, thought, and action to the protection of the environment by providing you with a space where people like you as well as people different from you come to talk about this one, vast thing that nature and our interaction with it is. This is a place for rational debate, casual discussion, project organising, thought-sharing, that aims at centralising exchanges related to the environment while keeping its light feel. 

“Public awareness is a key solution to many problems. Actually, you have the power”

But why ? Well, this is a way to feel like we’re not working alone. It actually feels like we’re working all together, in a coordinated fashion. Second, it’s a way to optimise exchanges. Indeed, if exchanges are centralised here, everyone’s shared thoughts are easily accessible to others. In a similar way, it also means that as individuals we have more impact as we can be heard by a large audience if we want to. Third, it is  a way to provide everyone with the same numerous useful tools, while simplifying their accessibility by providing them all in the same place : others’ thoughts, collective organisation, and practical tools easing the two previous, more philosophical ones. Give it a try, you’ll see these tools for yourself even though they might not appear straightaway as such.

Let this place become the hub of all our, your attemps to change the future for the better.

We are looking for funds to create an app… If every person who came here gave 2 euros, we would have twice as many euros as visitors. A little help would be greatly appreciated !

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, feedback,please contact us. If you have questions regarding group administration, forum creation, or regarding general information, we advise you to read the Guidelines and the About sections from the menu first, and most importantly the Q&A. The answer might be there ! If you want to work with us please send an email to advertising@gorosstars.com. For privacy matters please contact us through the address privacy-requests@gorosstars.com.

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