What you’ll find here

The spirit of ROSstars is to be a conversation about the environment. It is open to all points of view and all uses as long as they are related to the environment and involve communication. As a consequence, groups and an international forum can be found here. The groups are divided in three types : actors (e.g. groups for associations, economic circuits, students, etc), themes (e.g. groups related to energy, lifestyle, etc), and places (corresponding to specific locations). The latter is ideal to create a sense of community and ease concrete interaction (such as project starting, event planning, etc).


Anyone can create a group, a profile, a forum topic. It’s also possible to :

  • follow other users;
  • create accounts for various institutions;
  • create forums inside groups;
  • publish in the standard way in groups;
  • create events;
  • assign events to groups, but for this you should be an administrator of these groups or ask for the help of admins;
  • subscribe to forum topics;


  • No insulting, shaming, rude behaviours, harassment or calling for violence. Be polite, tolerant of other opinions and respectful, it benefits to everyone
  • No spamming or unauthorised advertising.
  • Regarding groups falling under the “place” type, there is only one per specific geographical division (region, county, district, town, group of towns, neighbourhood…), since otherwise things get uselessly confusing.
  • “Theme” type groups should avoid overlapping too much, please check the existing groups before creating one
  • Regarding groups falling under the “place” and “theme” types, groups should always be public.
  • Regarding every group, regardless of group type, the name should be explicit enough to be found easily thanks to the search bar. This way, anyone can easily find places and themes which they are looking for.
  • We reserve the right to sanction any behaviour going against these rules as expressed in the terms and conditions, following a principle of easing the use of the site for other users. If you have a doubt about anything, feel free to contact us.

If this didn’t help you, you can read the Q&A or the Terms and Conditions !

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