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What can I use this platform for ?
You can use it to communicate on any environment related matter, to your local community or at larger scales; to share your political views, right-wing or left-wing, or neither of them; to organise local action like projects, special events, demonstrations… You can also represent a non-profit organisation. And you can do much more ! You can get some inspiration here.
How can I create and set up a group ?

First, make sure that the group you want to create doesn’t already exist. If none exists, click on Create group in the Groups page.

You are now on the settings page :

Make sure that the name of the group corresponds to a locality such as a town for example.

Make sure that you make the group a public group.

Make sure you enable the forum setting.

Congratulations ! You created your group. You are the first administrator of that group.

How can I add a forum to a group ?

You have to be an administrator. If the administrator that created the group forgot to enable the forum, you can enable it by clicking on Settings and then tick “Yes, I want to have a forum in my group”.

How can I create categories inside my group forum ?

You don’t have to be an administrator; though, you have to send a request to [e-mail address coming ASAP. For the moment please use the Contact Us form].

Your request must be titled (in the subject) “Categories in [insert group name here] forum”.

It must contain, in this order :

  • the categories you wish to see in your forum
  • a concise justification for these categories
  • your favourite dish

The site administrator will create them for you, and you’ll be able to create new topics inside the categories, but the old threads will be left out of them.

How can I create events at my group’s level ?

You have to be a group administrator. You can go to your own Profile or hover Hi, [username] to access your events. You can create an event, click on Not a group event to see the groups you admin and select one (district, city…), depending on the audience you want to suggest this event to. Your event will be displayed in your group.

For complementary information you can read the questions Why should groups be public ? , Why shouldn’t I be a member of to many groups ? and How can I create a group event if I’m not an admin ?

How can I manage events at a national level ?

You can share the link of the group event and a description in the “Events” sections of your country’s forum. Non-members of your group, if your group is public, will be able to see it, access it, and book/register.

How, as a group administrator, can I authorise other people to create group events ?

There are two scenarios. Either the person wants to create an exceptional event, or that person wants to share events with the group on a regular basis.

In the first scenario, one of the administrators can create it for that person.

In the second scenario, you can make that person a group administrator so that they can create group events regularly. It is most likely that non profit organisations will do so.

How can I create a group event if I’m not a group administrator ?

You have two options.

If you don’t plan events regularly, you can post in the group forum or in the group feed (recommended in this case to not bother admins with tens of requests) that you need an administrator to create an event for you.

If you want to plan events regularly, you can use the same means plus the messaging option (recommended in this case because you only have to contact one admin and explain the issue) so that they can make you a group administrator.

How can I represent my non-profit organisation ?

You can create a profile for that organisation.

How can I talk with specific people inside a group if I can’t create a specific sub-group ?

You can create a dedicated topic, you can create group conversations, or simply post something in the feed.

Why should groups represent localities ?

This is the purpose of ROSstars : getting communities to act to protect the environment.

If we have several requests, we will add the possibility of creating groups that don’t correspond to localities.

Why should groups be public ?

This allows non-members to see events from other groups, that they might have heard of in the national forum or by talking with friends.

Also it connects groups more since they can see their respective activities, and eventually find inspiration.

Why should groups be named after the locality they represent ?

It makes it way easier for users to find them.

Why shouldn’t I be a member of too many groups ?

You would be overwhelmed by loads of notifications, including events. If we were you, we’d only join our local groups. Anyway if you’re interested in what other groups are doing, keep in mind that they all are public.

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