WAIT ! DON’T GO ! We just want to tell you that, yes, terms and conditions are boring. But here you’ll find some handy information that you might not find in the Q&A nor in the guidelines. We recommend you give these terms a read, since every piece of information, especially in the Rules section, is very important to consider. Giving them a look might prevent your account or your group from being deleted…

That said, we can probably start now.

By using our website and services, you accept the present terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms. Last modification : 22/05/2019. Since these terms are likely to be updated, for example as we reach more countries or add new features, we consider that further use of ROSstars constitutes acceptance of the updated terms. In the first months of existence of this platform, the terms may change on a regular basis since features might be added or removed. We advise you to read them regularly if you are concerned about such changes affecting your will to use this platform.

If there is a conflict between the guidelines of the site and the present terms, by the present terms you agree to the guidelines having the last word.

The updates of the present terms are retroactive when this feature is relevant, and when it is possible for them to be.

Owner of : Guillaume Matthew LANE


Age restrictions

Depending on your country, and because we are unable to prove parental consent or make sophisticated data collection that regards age as a fundamental parameter, you might not be able to possess an account because of data protection regulation since we restrict the age at which an account can be created. If we encounter an account that is not supposed to exist based on age restrictions, we will delete it.

Here are the ages under which it is not possible to create an account on ROSstars :

  • Austria : 14
  • Bulgaria: 16
  • Croatia: 16
  • Cyprus: 14
  • Czech Republic: 16
  • France: 15
  • Germany: 16
  • Greece: 16
  • Hungary: 16
  • Ireland: 16
  • Italy: 14
  • Lithuania: 14
  • Luxembourg: 16
  • Netherlands: 16
  • Poland: 16
  • Portugal: 16
  • Romania: 16
  • San Marino: 16
  • Slovakia: 16
  • Slovenia: 16
  • Spain: 16
  • Other countries from the European Union and European Economic Area : 13

Location restrictions

For the moment, only citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area are allowed to create an account and use our services. Citizens from other countries are restricted from the use of our website, and might be subject to account deletion.
Note that if you want to create an account and bring ROSstars to your country, you can make a request by contacting us.

Content restrictions

Pornographic, explicit, violent content is not allowed and subject to deletion by moderators and administrators. Hateful and direspectful content also falls under this rule. The first time a moderator, administrator or keymaster deletes such content posted by a given user, this user will receive a warning. The second time, the user will be banned.

Violent, hateful or disrespectful content includes :

  • Calling for violence including calling for suicide
  • Expressing graphic, violent ideas directed towards others
  • Explicit or implicit threats
  • Harassment, defined by repeated disrespectful intrusions in privacy, insulting statements, pressures, that were explicitly rejected by the target. This may include harassment by private messaging. If a user is subject to harassment by messaging, we should be notified at
  • Insults, in the form of well-defined insults or insulting statements (they just don’t have their place here)
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic statements or any discriminatory statements, described as follows : any remark or statement that can clearly and irrefutably be identified as an insulting comment regardless of the identified intention. The mere expression of religious or political beliefs is not considered such insulting statement unless it is accompanied by aggressivity towards some users.
  • Disrespectful names may be subject to modification by the administrators and moderators, and be accompanied by a warning, but only as a reminder. A user can’t be banned for the use of such names, but the user’s content is subject to modification or deletion by the moderators, so you should be careful what you say.

Other content restrictions are the following :

  • Unauthorised advertising and spamming are forbidden. They can be sanctioned by a simple deletion of the account that produced them, and a bannishment for life of the user, depending on the gravity of the behaviour.
  • Authorised advertising is paid advertising.
  • Businesses can create accounts. These accounts can be used to communicate with other people and organisations.
  • We call advertising any attempt from a business page or owner to communicate on its activity when it is not required (on the contrary to answering someone else’s question, request or issue), except in the cases of publishing on its own page, and of asking for support as a young business. However, administrators from each group can modulate these rules to will.

Moderators, administrators, keymasters, are encouraged to keep a record of the authors of misbehaviour, to be able to apply the rules mentioned above.

The goal of these rules is to ensure the best possible environment to fulfill the purpose of ROSstars : connecting people to work together at protecting the environment through debate and by collectively taking action.

Creating a group

Creating a group is subject to a few rules, and some can be found in the guidelines, which have value of extension of the present terms. Groups falling under the “place” type should be public, named exactly after a precise location (or in the case of a group of locations, the exact names of the locations must be present in the description and the group named after one of the biggest location in terms of demography), should not overlap other groups. If a location must be added in a set of locations, the group shall be updated. This update shall be accompanied by a change in the group’s name if it is necessary when the above is considered. There is one group per location or set of locations. If their is a perfect overlap, the administrators of the smallest group shall inform the members, who are encouraged to migrate to the group with the most members for all their future activities, except those that were started in their current group (in the case of forum topics for example). This isn’t obligatory, but it would indeed simplify things, even though a perfect overlap is unlikely.

The post added in the group’s activity will be the following :

Groups falling under the “theme” type are encouraged to be public or private and have keywords in their description, under the form of a list or a proper description (this eases searching).

Groups falling under the “actors” type is the only one for which we anticipate a potential need to be hidden. If groups of other types are hidden, we reserve the right to ask why directly and ask for this parameter to be changed. If there is no mutual agreement between group and site administrators, the group administrators have the last word, and must understand that another group with the exact same theme or representing the same location will eventually appear and replace the hidden group.

Additional information about forums

If you want to create categories for your group’s forum, you can contact us at Your message must conform to the standards set by the Q&A (how can I create categories in my forum ?).

Forums are subject to moderation. If topics overlap, moderators might close the newest one after having redirected the users towards the older one with a link.

General terms

Registration details : To register the users must provide a username, an email address, a date of birth, and a confidential password. Providing their real name is not optional unless you are an association. This allows communication between members to be easier, since ROSstars aims at connecting individuals based on geographic criterion, to be a tool for real-life interactions.

This platform defines member types such as individuals, businesses or non-profit organisations/institutions. This platform may define group types in the future.

Content can be private or public. We store all content in our data base, and public content is visible by anyone who uses our platform.

Some users have different roles such as blocked, spectator, participant, moderator, administrator, keymaster. These roles’ capabilities are defined here. The site administrators have the ability to assign and change roles with complete discretion. Those who are able to do so can delete content and accounts, as well as cancel or suspend them and assign and change roles, with complete discretion although they should follow the rules described above to ensure trust on our platform. This discretion is with regard to other users but not to the site administrators, and those who delete the account are only accountable to the site administrators and do not owe any information to any user. Users are free to ask for such information but it won’t necessarily be provided.

Users can delete their own accounts. The content previously associated with them will be anonymised if possible, and if not, completely deleted. Previously used names are made available by the deletion of an account associated with them.


We are not responsible for physical damage made possible by the use of this platform. This platform is a media and has no responsibility in such events which is entirely the responsibilty of the people who caused it.

We are not responsible for the inaccuracy of the information provided in groups and forums.

The user account password must be kept confidential and if it is shared, we have no responsability in the damage caused.

Intellectual property

All rights on the content of, to the exception of content produced by its users (posts, messages, replies…) including categories created by @guillaumelane, are protected by a copyright. Copying content, code, features, our logo, or any other distinctive part of ROSstars to the exception of content created by its users, is a violation of these terms for which we would ask repair.

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